Castles of Middle Age

How to Write a History Paper on Castles of Middle Age

Many students during their course are assigned to write essays and research papers on different topics, and in plenty of cases it is a historical analysis
paper. You can write the work yourself or order a paper online. The latter will of course cost some money, but you’ll have more time to do some more
important assignments, if there are such. Research paper order can be done on one of a whole lot of web-services, specializing on helping students, but
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Choosing the location

Let’s talk about writing history papers on the topic of Middle Ages castles. There was a huge amount of castles built within Medieval period, so if you’re
going to write your research paper essay yourself, it’s necessary that you treat the work with appropriate attention. Firstly,
before writing term paper, decide the castle you’ll describe. Most significantly the Age was shown in European countries, and so, most Medieval period
castles were built there, but if you want an exotic topic, you may choose Asia or any other area, where styles and materials were completely different. The
most popular, when coming to castles in Middle Ages, are the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany etc., which means there’s a lot of information about the buildings.

Pick the right period

When it comes to writing a historical essay, the time aspect means a lot too. You can mention in your historical essay that styles of castles varied from
period to period, not only according to regions. Middle Ages encompass up to ten centuries, within that time armor (which was commonly used as a part of
any castle in order to defend the territory), materials and approaches to constructing had been changing, as well as fashion, which was always important.

Thus, we have Early Medieval Time and its’ famous Motte&Bailey castles, which were easy to construct and hard to attack (defense was the main point of
building castles back then); Shell Keep Castles that are adaptations of the previous style, frequently built one-two centuries later (1100-1200 AD). Then
there go Norman stone castles. If in construction of previous ones wood was often used, this style means completely stone buildings. Also timber was used
for the constructions, as it was hugely popular in Britain, France and Italy. It wasn’t very helpful with defense though, as it was easily burnt down.

Mid-Medieval Times gave us wonderful Gothic castles, which are more interesting to describe in historical papers. Those castles were less cold due to
larger and lighter windows, more beautiful due to the design – a gift given to us by architectural revolution that occurred in Europe at that time. Types
of castles started to be frequently divided into two main groups: defensive and aesthetic. The first one mainly consisted of Concentric castles, which were
the best against any attack of that time.

Famous Castle Sieges and Battles

Actually, castles went out of fashion after the Middle Ages era had gone. But it’s not only about fashion; those buildings were really saving populated
towns. By the way, this is one more thing to mention in your historical analysis essay. For example, let’s take Chateau Gaillard that everybody has heard
about. The castle of the legendary Richard the Lionhearted, the siege of which was the most magnificent from the medieval warfare point of view, was taken
in eight months using all ways of weaponry created by that time. There were three protective walls, all of which had one or another flaw that helped French
siege to succeed.

Having read this info, you might already realize what historical research paper outline has to look like. Whatever you decide
– learning how to write a history paper yourself or order papers online, remember to mention points above, choosing a theme that would be interesting for
you and your fellows, follow historical essay format and, if you have time, even read some other history research paper samples in order to know more about
the requirements and structure. This is how to write historical essay!

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